Hypha and AMP Global Strategies Announce Reseller Agreement to Accelerate Adoption of Mesh Networks for First Responders

Hypha is excited to sign up the first reseller of HyphaMESH in the United States and accelerate growth with AMP Global Strategies and their customers. 

Folsom, CA, April 19, 2022. Hypha by Wireless Innovation, the award-winning pioneer of mesh networking solutions purpose built for public safety operations, and AMP Global Strategies, a leading provider of world class communication systems and services to first responders in the United States and internationally, today announced a reseller agreement and the immediate availability of HyphaMESH critical communications solutions and services through AMP Global Strategies.
AMP Global Strategies’ experience with critical communications suppliers and trusted relationship with the first responder community, combined with HyphaMESH’s innovative approach to extending the range of first responder communications, will offer a seamless integration of HyphaMESH equipment and services with AMP Global Strategies’ existing customers, partners and solutions.   
LMR and LTE networks do not cover everywhere that first responders operate; however, those are the primary networks responders rely on to communicate and share data. Countless after-action reports for wildland fires, search and rescue missions, and disaster responses cite communications as an issue. Coverage can be a problem in remote, mountainous, and rural areas, underground, in buildings, or over water, all areas where first responders save lives and property every day.
“After receiving such enthusiastic feedback from public safety and industry partners at the IWCE show last month, we are excited to continue our momentum in the United States and thrilled to take this step with AMP Global Strategies to offer enhanced critical communications solutions to first responders. It is an honor to partner with AMP Global Strategies and join the ranks of their industry leading supplier partners,” said Hypha CEO Neil Jamieson.
With HyphaMESH, first responders can create coverage where none exists today. HyphaMESH quickly creates a self-forming, self-healing mesh network with up to 60 mesh devices. Each mesh device provides Wi-Fi access for devices like smartphones, tablets, radios, cameras, drones, and sensors. With ranges exceeding miles line of sight between HyphaMESH devices, first responders can use their Wi-Fi enabled devices miles away from an IP backhaul source, such as an in-vehicle router, satellite deployable or command center Ethernet. 
“The entire AMP team cannot be more pleased to represent Hypha and their HyphaMESH solution. Rarely do we find a product that addresses the complexity of interoperable communications not just in design, but in true form and function. We believe the HyphaMESH solution is a game changer in extending the communication infrastructure in a mission critical environment with very easy to use and extremely robust devices,” said Charlie Stortz, Vice President of Sales at AMP Global Strategies.  

About Hypha:
HyphaMESH creates a self-forming, self-healing mobile ad hoc mesh network that extends miles into areas with little or no cellular, satellite or land mobile radio (LMR) coverage to support emergency response in rural areas, mountains, forests, over water, in buildings, and during natural or human-caused disasters. With HyphaMESH, emergency responders can continue to send and receive data over their Wi-Fi enabled devices and, more importantly, access the applications and software they rely on in areas that previously did not have any connectivity capabilities. For more information, visit our 

About AMP Global Strategies
At AMP, in everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo.  We believe in thinking differently.  The way we challenge the status quo is by actually listening to our customers’ needs and working with them to address those needs with great service and products.  We also happen to represent the best solution providers to fulfill our customers’ communication needs.  Want us to work with you to address your communication needs?  Please visit our website.
Hypha and AMP are excited to drive the adoption of HyphaMESH and enable more reliable and persistent public safety communications. The HyphaMESH product line is available for purchase now. For more information, please contact Charlie Stortz (VP of Sales) or Alan Pugh Jr (Executive VP).